Load train Factory Train FT500


Load train Factory Train FT500

Compact, track accuracy and flexible – these are the characteristics that best describe the new Factory Train FT500. With a very compact construction, combined with very good manoeuvrability, and extremely straight travel over the entire train, the FT500 is well suited for indoor material transport.

The FT500 can be equipped with either PU (bandage) or SE tyres – depending on the customer's flooring type and the areas in which the load train will be used. It can also be used outdoors.

The FT500 is available in four standard chassis sizes with a load capacity of 800 to 2,000 kg. Many different systems are available to the customer as load carriers that can be adjusted individually to customer requirements.


Series equipment

  • Infinitely variable electric lifting gear for stable and even lifting properties.
  • Individually activated goods carrier lifting functions.
  • Operation centrally at the tow tractor by operating terminal or directly at the modules.
  • Spring system built into the lifting gear.
  • Electric steering with diagonal travel option (“crab steering”).
  • Automatic speed reduction for the entire load train on curves.
  • Intelligent CAN-Bus controller for permanent communication between tow tractor and modules.
  • Silent operation due to backlash-free connection and suspension.
  • Travel release only when lifting gear retracted.
  • Automatic tow tractor interlocking when load carrier lowered.
  • Overload protection for the lifting gear.
  • Operating hours meter and service lamp.

Available options

  • Remote diagnosis.
  • Electric braking system module
  • Weighing system integrated in the load carrier.
  • Outdoor package for use in outdoor areas.
  • Wind and rain-proof weather protection for load carriers.
  • Lighting system and warning beacon on end module.
  • Customised paint job on module panels, and print on weather guard.

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