Neumaier Parcel Station (available from 2022)

Receive and send parcels securely around the clock with the versatile parcel station made by Neumaier.


With the parcel station made by Neumaier, parcels can be sent and received 24/7 – and all this without any restriction to CEP service providers (courier express parcel) such as DHL, Hermes, etc. How does it work? It's very simple: anyone can use the parcel station via PIN authentication with simple pick-up and insertion codes, and any number of different usage options can be integrated.

The parcel station made by Neumaier can be operated and controlled easily and conveniently via the corresponding Neumaier app. This means that the parcel station can be accessed via smartphone or other internet-enabled devices at any time of the day or night to order and manage shipments. An operating display is integrated directly on the parcel station.


With many different configuration options and scalability, the parcel station made by Neumaier can be used for a wide range of services – both in the private or commercial sector as well as on a municipal and tourist level:

  • Receiving, sending and returning parcels
  • Secure handover of objects, goods and valuables (also between private individuals)
  • Deliveries from local delivery services (pharmacies, food shops, etc.)

Thus, the parcel station made by Neumaier is not only suitable in the private sector for homes with one, two or multiple families or for entire residential districts, but also the perfect solution in the public sector. In cities and especially in communities in rural areas, the parcel station offers the population more flexibility and independence in parcel delivery and dispatch. The parcel station made by Neumaier is also used in retail or by self-employed people and sales representatives.

The parcel station is also ideally suited for businesses. Wherever goods have to be delivered and/or collected around the clock, the parcel station can be used to streamline processes, reduce staff and cut costs.


In the tourism sector for example Neumaier technology can also be used for rental stations for e-bikes and e-scooter. With an integrated charging station and payment option, the vehicles are protected from theft and weather in their boxes and are always charged and ready for the next tour.


Equipment and options of the parcel station made by Neumaier:

  • Modular and scalable design (from 1-box application for private use to multi-box applications for companies)
  • Different compartment sizes from XS to XL
  • Special compartment sizes for trade and industry
  • Single or double-sided loading
  • Operation via app, web and operator terminal
  • Central control station for the operator
  • Time controlled compartment reservation
  • Temperature controlled compartments for example for food and pharmaceuticals
  • Weatherproof and theft-proof construction
  • Integrated lighting system
  • Solar operation
  • Individual colour design
  • Automatic e-charging station for e-bikes and e-scooters
  • Hire/rental station with payment facility

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