Spot welding: joining with utmost precision


In the field of spot welding we have two DALEX machines in operation at our facilities: a spot welding machine of type PMS and a spot welding gun of the 3328-6 series.

During resistance spot welding, or also called spot welding, the parts to be joined are pressed together using two electrodes positioned opposite each other. An electric current is introduced into the parts to be joined by the electrodes. Based on the heat resulting from this (Joule effect) and the force with which the parts are pressed together by the electrodes, a permanent welded joint is produced. With the spot welding machine PMS 12-6 we can also join welding nuts from M3 to M12 using resistance projection welding.

Spot welding performance data

DALEX spot welding machine PMS 12-6
DALEX spot welding gun 3328-6 D

Resistance welding
Resistance projection welding

Working area:
Spot welding machine: up to approx. 750 mm overhang
Spot welding gun: up to approx. 600 mm overhang

Steel sheet, brass, aluminium, copper

Spot welding machine PMS 12-6
Spot welding machine PMS 12-6

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