Automated intralogistics: demonstration centre in live operation


Customers and interested parties can experience automated intralogistics in LIVE operation at Neumaier. The processes in the new logistics hall with connection to the production/assembly hall are automated in many ways and connected with the company's internal ERP system.

In addition to indoor and outdoor automated guided transport systems, such as automated load trains, 2-way and 4-way high lift stackers, underride FTFs and a fully automated high bay with narrow-aisle forklift, conveyor technology solutions will also be on display, as well as manual load train systems and ergonomic driver workstations for forklift trucks with swivel seats, swivel cabs or lift cabs.

Factory Train FT600 automated load train for outdoor use
Underride AGV Factory Shuttle FS400

The demonstration centre is also used as a test and development area for trials and customer projects. This means that customer-specific processes can also be simulated and mapped in our demonstration centre. Likewise, the technical acceptance of customer projects can take place directly at our factory. The advantage: the installation and commissioning time at the customer's site is reduced to a minimum, as the automated machine/system is delivered to the end customer fully functional.

Automated high bay racking with narrow-aisle stacker
Neumaier demonstration centre for automated intralogistics

This is what you can expect in the automated demonstration centre:

  • Automated driving in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Load trains from manual to fully automated (driving and loading processes)
  • Automated high lift stacker with 4 and 2-way drive/steering system
  • Compact driverless underride FTF
  • Fully automated high bay with a unique narrow-aisle solution
     - 100% more productivity of the narrow-aisle truck due to precision positioning axes
     - 45% higher storage density due to 3-fold stacking technology
     - 35% higher order picking productivity
  • Conveyor solutions and fully automated loading/unloading to/from AGVs
  • Traffic flow control for all automated and manual machines/devices
  • Protection of gateways and integration of fire alarm systems
  • Interface management and IT connection

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