FL600 / FL400 Factory Lift – automated high lift stacker


Improve productivity in the warehouse through automated pallet handling at the same time as increasing safety. The automated high lift stackers of the Factory Lift FL400 and FL600 series achieve exactly that.

Automated high lift stacker Factory Lift FL400

2-way and 4-way drive/steering system

Depending on the requirements, the place of use and the given space, the automated high lift stacker can be equipped with 2-way (FL400) or 4-way drive/steering system technology (FL600).

The 4-way technology has two crucial advantages over the 2-way technology. Firstly, little manoeuvring space is required. This is important, for example, in narrow racking aisles or where space is somewhat restricted. On the other hand, pallets that do not have an exact position can also be picked up on the free-standing surface. This is because the high lift stacker can, even if it is already in front of the theoretical pallet position, realign itself on the spot with the aid of the 4-way technology and "search" for the pallet until it has "found" the exact entry position - without resetting and starting again. This offers enormous advantages and maximum flexibility: pallets can be placed on the free area (without positioning aids) in a defined space corridor, the automated high lift stacker will always find the exact pick-up position, without large manoeuvring areas and within the shortest possible time.

Navigation, safety and load handling

Orientation and navigation is via geo navigation / SLAM technology. Other types of navigation are of course optionally possible. Hybrid navigation within the AGV can also be implemented.

With all-round safety protection via PL-d laser scanners with automatically scalable and speed-dependent warning areas and protective fields, safe operation in automatic mode is guaranteed. The automated load pick-up and delivery is fully monitored and constantly checked for plausibility. Sensors and cameras have everything in view at all times.


The automated high stacker FL400 & FL600 at a glance:

Drive and power:

  • 2- or 4-way drive/steering system
  • Driving speed max. 2.0 m/s
  • Li-FePO4 battery with automatic charging function
  • Optional induction charging function
  • Manual operation

Load capacity:

  • Load capacity up to 2,000 kg (depending on the basic machine and drive/steering system)

Communication and operation:

  • Information display with battery, status and safety indicators
  • Wifi connection
  • Touch displays for easy job initiation
  • Intuitive and user-friendly management software with API and graphical user interface

Navigation and safety:

  • Geo navigation / SLAM (other navigation modes or hybrid navigation possible)
  • All-round personal safety system with PL-d laser scanners
  • Contour laser scanner
  • BlueSpot and other illumination (optional)

Further equipment and options:

  • Stationary as well as mobile transfer stations
  • Increase in driving speed
  • Extension of the safety sensor system
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Communication boxes for external signals/actuators such as gates or fire alarm systems
  • Further options and application-specific adaptations available upon request

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