ELOBAU in Leutkirch drives Neumaier load train

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Factory Train load train meets elobau requirements 100%

Sensitive goods, many different good carriers, narrow travel paths and a high level of comfort and protection for the employees - these were the requirements for the load train at elobau GmbH & Co. KG in Leutkirch. Only the Factory Train load train from Neumaier met all these requirements. "We decided on Neumaier because the Factory Train was ideal for us and met our requirements 100%," says Thomas Weder, Head of Internal Logistics at elobau.

In the past, elobau GmbH & Co. KG used to supply production by hand or partly with forklifts. Due to the situation with new buildings, there were also new challenges for the internal logistics. A utility analysis then revealed that a load train train was the ideal addition to the existing concept.

"At Logimat 2018, we sounded out various suppliers. And then we invited our favourites to the factory in Leutkirch, where a wide variety of load trains were tested in our factory and the employees were able to put the devices through their paces. Afterwards, we decided on the Neumaier company, as this application was the ideal one for us and fulfilled our requirements 100%". Thomas Weder, Head of Internal Logistics at Elobau in Leutkich.

Jörg Brunnhuber, sales representative at Schöler Fördertechnik AG: "Elobau was looking for a holistic solution from one supplier. We at Schöler are the regional contact here on site. We have been working with Neumaier for a long time and always get the best for our customers. The Neumaier Factory Train was the perfect solution for Elobau."

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