Ehret GmbH drives load train Factory Train

EHRET GmbH, Mahlberg

Custom-made load train for the market leader in aluminium shutters

In 2016, the company Ehret based in Mahlberg, Neumaier Industry and the company Schöler were faced with the question it is possible to safely and quickly transport aluminium shutters up to 2.60 meters in size from A to B. The decision was quickly made on the load train Factory Train from Neumaier Industry with a tow tractor and two load carriers. Highest priority were the on-site conditions. It is necessary to bridge a good 700 meters long industrial road to transport the finished parts to the shipping building. For this purpose, the train was made roadworthy and demonstrated to the TÜV and the district office for approval: “Signalling stripes, similar to lorries, were attached to the outside of the train so that the silhouette was visible in the dark. In addition, the vehicle has wing mirrors and indicators”, says Francisco Sanchez, Sales Manager at Schöler.


"It was important to us that the shutters could be transported protected from the weather. This was not possible for us in the past, "explains Thomas Richner, marketing director of the Ehret company with almost 400 employees. Before the load train Factory Train, the shutters were transported on trailers with tractors. The result was that every now and again they arrived at the shipping department damaged. To prevent this today, the load carriers of the factory train are custom-made. In the load carrier itself folding arm slats have been installed, which stabilise the shutters for the outdoor journey and secure them in position. These are a perfect match for the variety of shutters. Large and small, wide and narrow aluminium shutters of all types and colours can be loaded.


In addition, the respective load carrier size was individually manufactured by Neumaier Industry: 3.06 m high, 2.40 m long, 1.66 m wide. Just the height was a major component in the construction, as Mr. Sanchez points out: "The load carriers have already reached the maximum height here, otherwise they offer too large a surface for strong winds." 180 degrees turns in the smallest space are possible without any problem. During peak season Ehret driver Waldemar Neubauer utilises the factory train ten times a day.


Ehret GmbH

The Ehret GmbH with headquarters in Mahlberg in Baden-Wuerttemberg, with just under 400 employees according to its own statement, the No. 1 in Europe for aluminium shutters. With over 50 years of experience, enormous expertise and passion, Ehret GmbH produces high quality aluminium sun and weather protection systems day after day.

Schöler Fördertechnik AG

Schöler Fördertechnik AG is represented at 7 locations in Baden-Württemberg with more than 400 employees and sells intralogistics machines and systems.

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