Panoramic seat for forklift trucks



Whether forward or reverse - with the 45° angled seat, the driver always has the best view in the direction of travel and of the load. We developed this novelty together with Linde for the WOMH. The difference from the previously available rotatable driver workstation is the rigid seat position at a 45° angle. The advantages are obvious: The driver always has the best view in his direction of travel. The risk of accident is reduced to a minimum. The driver also always has the same seat position whether he drives forward or reverses. Thus, he must not familiarise anew and user-friendliness is very high. Due to various setting options of the steering unit, the driver can set up his work place ergonomically according to his needs. The physical strain on the driver reduces enormously, particularly in many reverse movements, the spine and back muscles are relieved of stress, while increasing the productivity and safety.

Panoramic seat for forklift trucks
Panoramic seat for forklift trucks

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