Automated narrow-aisle stacker FK600


Navigation and positioning

In the high bay, the narrow-aisle stacker is guided via inductive guidance (alternatively, other navigation methods are also possible such as geo navigation / SLAM) and positions itself in the bay with millimetre precision for the storage/retrieval process.

Automated narrow-aisle stacker FK600
Automated narrow-aisle stacker FK600

100% more productivity with all-electric precision positioning axes

The narrow-aisle stacker is equipped with high-precision and fully electric positioning axes. This enables enormous advantages over conventional hydraulic systems in terms of speed and precision. The result is a 100% increase in productivity.

The storage/retrieval of pallets in the high bay is implemented with a new, unique and fully electric positioning tunnel with telescopic fork technology. The telescopic forks can be extended on both sides - without a time-consuming swivel function. This allows pallets to be stored/retrieved on both sides as well as transferred from one side to the other.

The storage/retrieval process of the pallet is fully measured and monitored via sensors and cameras. Not only is the exact and smooth insertion of the telescopic forks into the pallet monitored, but the entire retrieval process is also permanently checked for plausibility. This means that even manually stored pallets can be precisely picked up and retrieved.

45% higher storage density due to 3-fold stacking technology

With the positioning tunnel, pallets can fully automatically be stacked and stored 3-fold. This increases the storage density by 45%. A special clamping device guarantees safe transport on the one hand, but on the other hand also that the pallets or, of course, pallet cages are perfectly aligned for the insertion process.

Safety for people and material

For the safety of people, material and machine in fully automated operation, the narrow-aisle stacker is protected all around with safety laser scanners as well as other safety devices.


Automated narrow-aisle stacker FK600 at a glance:

  • 100% more productivity of the narrow-aisle stacker due to precision positioning axes
  • Navigation and positioning via induction guidance
  • Electronically operated telescopic forks extendable on both sides without swivel function
  • 45% higher storage density due to 3-fold stacking technology
  • Clamping device for safe transport and alignment of pallets
  • Integrated contour and weight control of the pallets
  • Sensor-monitored storage/retrieval processes
  • All-round safety monitoring with safety laser scanners 
  • Wifi radio connection to the MFC

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