Load train Factory Train - Safe and efficient material flow


The load train Factory Train is the ideal solution for material handling inside and between production halls. Logistic processes can be streamlined and optimised by using the load train Factory Train. High security of supply and the best possible resources and efficiency is the result. In addition, the load train Factory Train offers a maximum of safety and thus reduces dangerous situations - both for the transported merchandise and for people.


Load train Factory Train: Two types for individual and best possible customer use

The load train Factory Train FT800 above all is characterised by its very good outdoor capability. Suspension systems are integrated in the chassis modules of the load train FT800 standard and SE-wheels with tyres are standard feature. Due to the use of swing axles and the resulting roll compensation as well as a high ground clearance, uneven ground, lower board stones can be traversed easily.

Load Train Factory Train FT800
Load Train Factory Train FT800

The load train Factory Train FT500 as the name already suggests is very compact in design. In connection with the very good manoeuvrability and the extremely high fidelity of the total train track, the load train Factory Train FT500 is ideally suited for material handling in the indoor area. The modules are fitted with bandage tyres, but can also be equipped with SE tyres for use in the outdoor area.

Load Train Factory Train FT500
Load Train Factory Train FT500

Load train Factory Train: High flexibility due to modular structure

Both systems of the load train Factory Train are of modular design and afford the customer a high degree of flexibility. Many different load carrier systems are locked firmly for both load train series in each case between two standard modules. Since the load carrier can be replaced at any time, the user remains very flexible with regard to changing requirements. Within a load train, different load carrier can be used for flexible transportation of goods and materials. The load carrier can be used optionally with a weather protection for safe transport through wind and rain.


Safe material handling with the load train Factory Train

Load train Factory Train: Operation of the load carrier directly on the towing vehicle

Using the load train system Factory Train reduces safety risks to a minimum. The load train Factory Train is manoeuvrable and only needs a small traffic area during loading and unloading. The speed is automatically reduced when driving around curves until the entire load train is moving straight ahead again. In addition, starting with lowered load carrier or lowering the load carrier with the handbrake not engaged is not possible. Due to continuous electronic communication between the towing vehicle of the load Train Factory Train and the connected load carrier, the Factory Train offers permanent monitoring of the entire load train. Diagonal travel or also reverse travel are also possible with the load train Factory Train.


Load train Factory in action

The load Train Factory Train FT816 with two frame goods carriers enable loading and unloading on both sides at KUKA Roboter GmbH in Augsburg, Germany. This was an important criterion for the globally leading manufacturer of industrial robots. The load train Factory Train is loaded from the right in the “supermarket” and unloaded to the left in the production.

MAN Truck & Bus AG in Nürnberg, Germany, supplies its production and assembly lines of the motor production with the load train Factory Train FT810 with E frame goods carriers. Different sizes of sequence containers are transported with the load train here. The load train runs both inside and outside the production halls and also copes with greater slopes and ascents among other things.


With the load train Factory Train FT810 with two platform goods carriers Kemmler Baustoffe GmbH supplies its production halls with material from the central warehouse. The load train Factory Train offers the necessary flexibility and outdoor capacity here. Kemmler Baustoffe GmbH is a specialist in the production of building elements and prefabricated garages.

The mountain restaurant Giggijoch in the ski area in Sölden at approx. 2,300 meters has a load train Factory Train in use. The Factory Train FT510 with two platform frames supplies the mountain restaurant with fresh food every day via a 150-meter-long tunnel that runs under the slopes. Here, the load train climbs up to 15 presents gradients. Even several difficult narrow passages, bottlenecks and even an s-shaped curve are no problem for the Factory Train thanks an electronic controlled steering. The Factory Train drives through the tunnel system like on rails.


Efficient material flow with the Factory Train load train at Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG. Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG organises its in-factory logistics processes at its headquarters in Stans/Switzerland using the load train Factory Train FT810. In-house material transport is now clearly structured and regulated in terms of time and cost. With fixed routes, the materials are delivered precisely when and where they are required.

WAFA Germany GmbH, a plastics processing company from Augsburg, has made production logistics much easier while retaining maximum flexibility using the Factory Train FT510 load train. Thanks to the retainer frame they can be loaded and unloaded from both the left and right. They can also pick up different trolley dimensions. The Linde Factory Train load train can even drive through difficult tight spots. This is no problem thanks to the directionally stable and manoeuvrable system. Martin Reismüller, Head of Production Logistics, is impressed. “The load train now works in 3-shift operation and has a capacity utilisation of almost 100%. And I have to say it’s great to see how it can be driven around, making company processes much easier already.”


EHRET GmbH from Mahlberg transports finished aluminium window shutters 650 metres to the packaging line using a Factory Train FT816 load train. The route includes public commercial roads. The specially designed load carrier is equipped with an individual clamp system for the window shutters. This provides maximum protection from transport damage. In addition, the load train has a weather protection system for outdoor use. “We are very satisfied with the solution we found with our Linde partner,” says Sascha Göppert, Production Management Assistant.

The all-terrain crane manufacturer Tadano Faun GmbH in Lauf/Pegnitz organises its in-factory material logistics using two Factory Train FT820 load trains. Michael Goihl from Materials Management Logistics explains, “Our main goal was to get forklift traffic out of the assembly halls and increase safety. In the past, we transported all our material to the supply areas using fork lift trucks. This resulted in a very high volume of traffic in the assembly halls. There was a lot of transport damage, which has been reduced by 80% following introduction of the load trains.


Pallet trolleys for load trains

  • Four standardised sizes for flat pallets and pallet cages.
  • Robust and very durable, welded, angular steel construction.
  • Secure holding and transport of the load thanks to the 4 locating corners.
  • Polyamide swivel castors with ball bearings for smooth-running and low-noise rolling characteristics.
Trolley 400 x 600 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø100 mm) and ground clearance of 130 mm 
Trolley 400 x 600 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø100 mm) and ground clearance of 130 mm
Trolley 600 x 800 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø100 mm) and ground clearance of 130 mm 
Trolley 600 x 800 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø100 mm) and ground clearance of 130 mm
Trolley 800 x 1,200 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø200 mm, 2x with brake) and ground clearance of 235 mm 
Trolley 800 x 1,200 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø200 mm, 2x with brake) and ground clearance of 235 mm
Trolley 1,000 x 1,200 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø200 mm, 2x with brake) and ground clearance of 235 mm 
Trolley 1,000 x 1,200 mm with 4 swivel castors (Ø200 mm, 2x with brake) and ground clearance of 235 mm

Load train Factory Train – The highlights at a glance

  • Modular design with standardised chassis sizes.
  • Electrical steering with possible diagonal and reverse drive.
  • Many different load carrier basic designs (can be adapted to customer needs).
  • Load carriers with weather protection (option).
  • Automatic speed reduction when driving round corners.
  • Intelligent CAN bus control system.
  • Central operation on the towing tractor on the operating terminal or directly on the modules.
  • Automatic identification of the load carriers connected to the load train.
  • Safe handling (overload protection, automatic drive lock and many more).
  • Noiseless operation due to backlash-free connection and suspension.
  • Operating hours meter, service lamp and remote diagnostics (option).
  • Low maintenance and service of overall system.

Models and types

Both load train systems Factory Train FT800 and Factory Train FT500 were available in four different chassis sizes with a load capacity of 800 to 2,000 kg. Many different basic designs are available as load carriers that can be adjusted individually to the requirements of the customer.





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