Rotating cabin for heavy forklift trucks - Optimum circumferential visibility and safety


Due to the rotation of the entire driver's cabin of up to 90° to the left and 65° to the right and an additionally recallable full turn of 180° to the left, the driver always has best vision in his direction of travel – even when reversing. The rotating cabin for the Linde heavy forklift truck series 1401 has considerable advantages in material handling like the rotating driver's workstations for forklift trucks, above all in the case of large and bulky loads.


Physical relief

Enormous adjustment possibilities increase the drivers' comfort and at the same time reduce the physical stress. A study of the professional association Trade and Goods Distribution (BGHW) showed that a rotating cabin reduces the physical stress for the driver by up to 60%.


Increase of handling capacity

The expanded vision area with the rotating cabin increases not only the safety but also increases the handling capacity considerably. This is considerably discernible above all in the case of large, blind loads, where the driver must change direction of travel and reverse.


Robust construction and high user friendliness

A robust construction ensures long service life and minimizes the costs for maintenance and repairs. The simple and intuitive operation of the rotating cabin enables the driver rapid training and safe handling.


Models and types

The rotating cabin is available for the Linde heavy forklift truck of series 1401 of types H100 to H180.


Advantages and benefits at a glance: Rotating cabin for heavy forklift trucks

  • Physical relief → High satisfaction of the drivers and less downtimes due to illness
  • Better view → Improved view in the direction of travel when driving in reverse
  • Increased safety → Reduction of dangerous situations and work accidents
  • Rapid load handling → Increase of handling capacity
  • Simple operation → Intuitive operation for safe handling
  • Robust construction → Long service life and low costs for maintenance and repairs



NEUMAIER INDUSTRY – Developer and manufacturer

The rotating cabin is an option available for Linde forklift truck 1401 and is sold worldwide by Linde authorized dealers. As long-standing Linde systems partner we developed, designed and lead the rotating cabin together with Linde until it was ready to go on the market and into mass production. The production and manufacture of the rotating cabin is carried out entirely at our factory.


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